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If you require a car service then look no further than AMS Garages Worcester. We service most makes and models of vehicles and carry the latest diagnostic equipment to deal with every eventuality, from ECUs to airbags. We can perform an oil change or a full car service and you can even have your paintwork attended to at the same time. Whether you need a battery, brakes or servicing, we are here to help.


There are many moving wear and tear parts fitted to your vehicles that sometimes can fail unexpectidly, Be rest assured... Here at AMS Garges Worcester, we have the capabilities to find and fix these faults to keep you mobile at as little cost as possible. Our technicians have over 30 years experience in the trade with a very high success rate in solving your mechanical probelms.



We currently have Various dealer level diagnostic computers at the garage, we’re subscribed to a technical helpline, and we’re in a loose co-operative with other garages who allow us to share their additional diagnostic computers. The result – we can diagnose all makes of vehicles..



Should the worst come to the worst, and you require a total engine rebuild, we are in partnership with a professional engine company in Birmingham. This ensures that you will get the best possible price for a fully reconditioned, unlimited mileage, 12 months guaranteed engine. We have been dealing with this company for over 20 years.



Whilst we will quote the recommended book time for changing your clutch, it will generally take us at least an hour and half longer as we do not believe in “swinging” the gearbox out of the way by using a large bar and brute force. We will, where necessary, always remove the drive-shafts to ensure we do not do any damage to your gearbox or drive chain.



The rolling road (as part of our MOT test station) gives us the capability to professionally test your brakes. Once completed, we can service them, perform disc skims and improve performance to the required standard. We are also the only independent garage in the Worcester area (to our knowledge) that has a Procut lathe onsite. This allows us to professionally skim your brake discs – prolonging their life and saving you money on a new pair, and it’s environmentally friendly.

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